FreelanceEconomy.NG How Does It Work?

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FreelanceEconomy.NG How Does It Work?

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https://FreelanceEconomy.NG How Does It Work?

Https:// (or Freelance Economy) is an opportunity sharing platform where Nigerian freelancers make money by solving every day business problems for Nigerian business owners

Is Freelance Economy Legit?
It is an open platform where business owners post different gigs, part time jobs and deals, (depending on their needs) while freelancers make money every day by doing these gigs for a flat fee or a commission. It is 100% legit

What Kind of Deals and Jobs Are on Freelance Economy?
Users typically post a wide range of opportunities on the platform, depending on the needs of the business owner. Some businesses need freelancers that can bring in buyers for their products, some need freelancers that can bring in more users to their platform, while some are looking for part-time people to hire

Transaction Example
For example, a car dealer puts up a post offering 100k to anyone who can quickly find a buyer for his car. One of the freelancers finds him a buyer quickly, and earns the N100k. Both parties are happy, and each move on the the next deal.

Founder of Freelance Economy
The platform was founded by Kema Ufelle, a business lawyer and member of the World Economic Forum. He created Freelance Economy to organize all legitimate money-making opportunities in the semi-formal economy, for young Nigerians to access

Benefits of FreelanceEconomy.NG
The platform is a very innovative and simple-to-navigate platform that provides several legit money making opportunities every single day for young Nigerians. It also gives business owners a down-to-earth opportunity to source all the help needed in solving their day-to-day problems

What Is Unique About Freelance Economy?
Unlike foreign freelance platforms, this is a simple platform that is unique to the semi-formal middle-man style of doing business in Nigeria. The platform does not take a commission from whatever the freelancers earn. The freelancers only pay a N200 monthly subscription to access all opportunities on the platform (free for the first 7 days). However, it is free for the business owners who post deals on the platform.

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