Change the Narrative - Anthony Obene, Esq

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Change the Narrative - Anthony Obene, Esq

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A call on the NBA national body to save the face of legal practice in Nigeria as it concern property transactions.

It is no longer news that in a sale of land transaction, clients tend to pay Agents in percentage (10% or 5%) as the case may be and when it gets to the lawyer who prepares the title document with which they own the land or property they quickly resolve to paying peanut.
This practice is most disheartening around the Eastern States where it's now normal for clients to pay lawyers ten thousand naira (10,000) for preparation of title document to land/property (Power of Attorney) as used in the east.

This practice is most condemnable as it ridicules the essence of legal practice in Nigeria. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to curb this menace and return the practice to it's glorious days.

I am therefore of the opinion that:

1. The NBA (national) should produce another stamp and seal, this time the colour should be RED strictly for franking of any property related transactions for every lawyer.

2. The NBA (national) should have an officer in all the the NBA branches in the country, who is going to be in charge of administering this seal to every land related document/transaction.

3. Having prepared the instrument for transfer of ownership,the lawyer takes it to his branch of NBA or any other available branch close to him where he meets this officer, who access the instrument and calculate the 10% out of it and gives the lawyer the bank account number where his client will pay in the 10%(to NBA's account) arising from that particular transaction and until the officer is settled about the confirmation of payment he will now stamp/seal the instrument in question.

4. Having done that, the lawyer will be issued a form where he fills in his account details in other to receive his original 10% from the transaction,that is after the office has also tasked the said transaction by deducting its own 10% from the 10% allocated to the lawyer.

Transaction of 10 million
1million is deducted to NBA
900 thousand is returned to the lawyer
Then the proceeds of every 10% deducted from the lawyer's 10% is used to run the office.

To the best of my knowledge, only through this that NBA can secure our money and Glory from our prospective clients and give the profession a facelift.
Inbox me for clearity.

Anthony Obene, Esq

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